Swirly Pops


Round and round and round we go, where we’ll stop? Nobody knows! These super fun Swirly Pops are a fabulous addition to any candy project. From candy buffets to edible centerpieces, these Swirly Pops are sure to be a fit. Since they are available in 12 beautiful colors, there is literally something for everyone.


Length: 5 ¼”
Diameter: 1 ¾ “

Bag contains

Drum contains 24 individually wrapped pops

Colors :

  • Red – Cherry Flavor
  • Pink – Strawberry Flavor
  • Green – Apple Flavor
  • White – Multi Fruit Flavor
  • Purple – Grape Flavor
  • Blue – Blue Raspberry Flavor
  • Black – Cola Flavor
  • Silver – Blackcurrant Flavor
  • Gold – Peach Flavor
  • Yellow – Lemon Flavor
  • Orange – Orange Flavor
  • Rainbow – Multi Fruit Flavor
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